Since the magazine is free, we do not pay for articles submitted.  Anything you submit you retain the rights to and may publish elsewhere.  We do not accept plagiarized materials and will reject any materials in question.  Articles should be interesting to read, well written and provide insight in the plastic manufacturing industry. 

If you are a manufacture of resins, machines, molds or other related tools of this industry your are welcome to present material on your systems/products.  Where you can identify your company (and we expect you to self identify) at the end of the article with a link back to your WEB page we do not accept material that is a blatant sales pitch.  Tell us about your product and the merits it has or features our readers may find interesting.  That is after all why you created it in the first place.

And for those that run on older machines that have stood the test of time, chime in and tell  how you keep the wonderful beast running.  More of us than you know use machines that we have grown to know and trust, why mess with perfection.

If you are a Blog looking for material, you are welcome to collect a paragraph or two, we would appreciate recognition for our work or a link back.

Questions can be submitted to the editor: