This magazine is dedicated to the enhancement of knowledge in the plastic molding and manufacturing industry.  We will provide information that is a fair, honest analysis of the general practices in today’s industry.  We welcome unbiased socialization on the topic which enhances the reader’s knowledge.  We will not publish any information that is derogatory or in poor taste.

It should go without saying, but we have to say it.  We will make every effort to ensure the information in articles are accurate and complete, however, an article in itself cannot begin to cover the details in manufacturing plastics.  When the magazine is read in part or whole, the advice provided should be interesting and certainly can be valuable, but we cannot be responsible for how you implement materials learned.  Choices made are based on knowledge and experience, having one and lacking the other is a dangerous combination.  Common sense is when you acknowledge you may be shy of one or the other and know to proceed with caution or garner support form those possessing what you do not.

A study on trust says it is based on two things history and knowledge.  If you know a person or process, or have a record of performance you can rely on that for trusting the person or process.  If you have no knowledge of a topic, there is no basis for trusting what is being said.  On the other hand, some knowledge of a topic forms a basis for understanding and trust.  To the latter, we hope we provide enough information that you can make decisions with confidence and develop trust in those decisions. 

From there relationships can be built and history created.  After all manufacturing plastics is more than knowledge of the topic it s reliance on the experience of the professionals in that field.  They stretch beyond learned knowledge to deal with the myriad of issues that seem to fall between the cracks of published works.  They now how to bend the science and rigor of mathematics to the reality of the real world.

Whether a reader, a contributor with comments or a sage writer sharing an article of insight and knowledge, welcome to our magazine.