We will consider nominations for sponsorship of this magazine.  We welcome support for this endeavor and will place a small add and acknowledgement on the site with a link back to a sponsor’s WEB site.  We retain the right to reject any sponsor we do not feel is in the best interest of this site or its readers.  Any reader that believes a sponsor is not of the highest standards and ethics should report this to the editor for review and possible action.  Being listed on the magazine’s WEB page is in no way a recommendation of the product(s) or companies listed.  Where we anticipate selecting only the highest caliber vendors we can not be responsible for their actions now or in the future.

We do not place ads in the articles since they are for educational purpose, however, if a product, machine or process is of interest to our readers and is considered a learning experience we may run an article on the subject.   It never hurts to ask, the worst we can do is say no thank you.

On occasion we mention a product and the brand in our articles, we are not evaluating products and are not making comparisons simple providing source information that substantiates the conversation.  We do not use such mention as methods for advertising.

The Editor