Injection Molding Press

Injection Molding Press

“Looking for a company that can turn your tools on a dime? Want a company that places you in the driver’s seat? Your competitors are racing against you. You need specialists under the hood to make sure you can finish the circuit and place in the winner’s circle.

We are a modest sized company, large enough to have the horse power to get the job done and small enough to make those quick changes and maneuver around obstacles others fall into. We make your role driving the project easy. We handle all the details for you.

When the job is done and you are standing in the winners circle, we know you will be thinking of the pit crew that helped get you there. We offer quality high end performance. We have the ability to handle tool transfers, new molds and modifications fluidly. We have the machines, talent and experience to solve the most challenging problems in plastics. With ISO-9001 certification you know it is done right. Don’t worry about the price, call us and you will find we are a very cost effective operation.”  Precise Mold and Engineering management

Our Sponsor knows how to make things happen, this on-line magazine is just one example of how they are pushing the envelope to bring power to the buyers of molded plastics.

Welcome to our on-line magazine.  This on-line magazine is sponsored by Precise Mold and Engineering  The magazine is an attempt to open up the level of information available on plastic molding. There is a science to the process and it provides an excellent grounding in what should happen.  That is when the real world takes over and experience lends a helping hand.  We will be looking at various sources for articles Precise Mold and Engineering has already volunteered to share in thier vast knowledge and experience.  As issues of this magazine evolve we hope to share information with you that elevates an overall awareness of how to manage the plastic manufacturing process.  In time this will be a valued source where you can search information from previous articles for insight.