abc8 2 bo logo-MABC World News with Diane Sawyer’s segment “Made In America” was visiting our plant later in the day.  David Muir, producer, and camera crew for the segment “Made In America” were flying in to interview one of our customers and they want the interview to take place at the plant where the cases are made; our plant Precise Mold and Engineering.

The customer Bodacious Cases was driving in from Springfield, Missouri about 200 miles southwest of our plant in Valley Park, Missouri. Where the case’s front, back and band are molded at our plant, Thrust Industries out of Evansville, Indiana (200 miles east of our plant) a leader in precision die cut materials, was also driving in to be on hand for the interview. Thrust Industries cuts the polycarbonate clear face and applies pressure sensitive glue to the materials edge so that it can be affixed to the Bodacious case front. Bodacious Cases assembles the product components to match color requests from customers. The side, back and front are made in an array of colors to allow customers to select colors that match the colors of their college, sports team, outfit or simply colors they like.

Our customer Bodacious Cases received a call the Friday before from ABC News asking if they could do the interview and do the interview where the cases were manufactured. Calls were made to us and Thrust Industries to see if we were available and if Precise Mold and Engineering could host such an event on short notice. Thrust industries committed to send a representative for the day and we agreed to host the event at our site.

We had little information on what the ABC News team might want to film for the segment and what information they might need. Meetings were held starting mid-morning with all three companies to identify sound bites that might be useful. The mold for the Bodacious case was not currently in production which meant mounting the mold and pulling polymer and color from inventory since that was one thing ABC News indicated they did want to see, a part coming off the mold. Even small molds weigh hundreds of pounds and larger molds can quickly rise into thousands of pounds. Where we are use to the task it is not as simple as putting on a pair of shoes. You don’t use a hoist to put on a pair of shoes.

Once the mold is mounted and the hopper feed with polymer and the color selected the dryer is set and the press is brought up to temperature to run several samples. During this process locations were identified where interviews or camera shots might be of interest. Where we can’t tell what they will shoot, we can point out interesting areas in the process or point out windows where they can see machines functioning.   

abc3 2-MWhen David Muir and his team from ABC News arrived it was all business with no time to waste, they were on a short schedule with another flight out of town already booked to another destination. Our preparation made the process flow easily and they had spots they could quickly select and shoot with angles they appreciated.  The smooth operation of high efficiency machinary in the plant and the climate controlled evironment provided a great location for the interview.

abc5 2 logo-MThe news team came and went in under an hour. They had shot about 45 minutes of interviews and various angles of molding or assembly. It would later be edited into a 1 minute segment airing at 5:30 P.M. CST the following Wednesday and Thursday; such is the methods of filming and production. Like that great holiday feast that takes all morning to prepare and is consumed in what seems like the blink of an eye, it is all worth it. For us it is what we do, making sure we support our customers when they need us. For the customer, Bodacious Cases, within minutes after the interview their host WEB site was hit hard from the excessive volume of people wanting to know more and to purchase a Bodacious Case for themselves. Orders continue to poor in to their WEB site with thousands of emails. They have a following on Facebook and Twitter and are now ranked on the first page of Google when looking up the word bodacious. Requests are already being made for Bodacious Cases for Androids phones.

This young entrepreneur dared to innovate in a downturned economy. She came up with a new twist on IPhone cases that added more protection and greater convenience. The case protects the IPhone from moisture and impact while including a pocket for identification and credit cards along with a place for some paper currency. She offers a colorful case with an array of color choices, as well as interchangeable color bands to add style at an affordable price. While some companies are fighting to stay afloat, she is struggling to meet demand, not a bad place to be, making Bodacious Cases.

In the interview neither Thrust Industries or Precise Mold and Engineering were mentioned by name or even interviewed, the interview for Made in America was about the product, a case for the IPhone; Bodacious Cases that are Made in America. When you think about it, the stamp on a product is the stamp of the product company and there is often no indication of who manufactured the product. The manufacture is in the background but is by no means a minor player in the production. Maybe this is how best to express it.  The stage, props, stage hands, orchestra, lighting crews and sound techs all help create the environment that makes the actors a success. We are the all-important supporting team that is always there when our customer needs us.

acbc10 2 logo-MFrom the initial meetings were we took the concept and artistic drawings to product through technical design and engineering of the mold to ensure proper performance and durability of the product to the support needed to market and distribute the product we stand beside our clients ready to help where we can.

With good engineering and planning, when the volume of orders are submitted to Precise Mold and Engineering we were ready to meet her needs.