You list press sizes to 400 ton, does that restrict the parts you make?

The answer is yes and no.  Yes it places a limit on the size of parts we currently make, but the size and thickness of parts we can make are significant.  Understanding the tolerances of a press and the design anomolies of various molds significantly increase the potential of a press.  Poor mold design means the press is limited to smaller parts than is otherwise possible.  Those with in-efficient molds will need larger presses to compensate for weaknesses in design.  The bigger the press the greater the operating cost if not efficiently applied.  With a variety of press sizes we maximize performance while minmizing operating costs.

Would you consider adding larger presses if there was a need?

With sufficient longterm production needs we will invest in additional equipment.  We make these types of decisions with care to ensure they are cost effective decisions that result in high levels of customer satisfaction.

Is there a specific set of Plastics you work with?

There are a wide array of plastic resins.  We work with many of them.  The choice of resin used varies with the product design and performance expectations.  When overmolding, a resin that melts at a higher temperture for the first step allows a second resin that melts at a lower temperature to be added to the plastic molded in the first phase.  Some resins are more resiliant, some are softer.  Others are more sutiable for smoked or clear parts.  And there are requirements for making live hinges or the final temperature the product may need to sustain.  We look at your products needs and then select the best resin for the product and the production process.

You Mention you are not necessarily the fastest or cheapest, isn’t that negative advertising?

We are very cost effective and compete very well in the industry where price is concerned.  When the price of the part is the greatest concern short cuts in materials and production can lead to inferior products.  We will not make parts that are inferior to the design need.  What we provide are some of the best prices in the industry for products that truly meet design needs.  The design requirements often determine the cost of the product.  A plastic paper clip will have lower expectations than a high tolerance gear for a sensitive timer used in outer space.  We provide solid advice to our clients that result in the best price for the required performance.

We are a very efficient company and can get quality products to market quickly.  However, placing speed ahead of performance leads to mistakes and rework.  Unrealistic delivery dates lead to products being delivered that do not meet specifications, resulting in even longer delays.  We respect the urgency companies can find themselves in, but will not place an order at risk by providing unrealistic delivery dates.   We tell you up front what is possible in the real world.  When we give you a date for delivery, it is delivered on that date.

We offer instant upload and download of drawings and specifications, and offer 3-D drawings with validation of operability you can view on your computer with no additional software expediting the process.  With a 24-hour production-center, we are not waiting until the next day to start production.  We possess an array of production machines, which means your run will be processed when the molds are ready.  We use mold makers in-house and respected external mold builders we know and trust.  We work with a number of quality plastic resin suppliers and are well stocked with the more common resins.  The only delay is in the time to assure quality.

If we are new to the plastics industry, will you work with us?

Absolutely, where you may be new to plastic resins and the design or production process, many of our experienced customers have similar issues when they get into new design challenges of their own that require unique resins or production options.  We are here for our customers to work through the design issues, resin selections, mold design, mold repair or modifications and the production itself.  Helping you through the process is what we do.  Some of our clients provide complete designs, drawings and even molds and other clients are not sure where to start.  We are here to make the process smooth and easy, and to ensure that it is done right and on time.