Precise Mold and Engineering Inc. is a custom plastics mold engineering and production company. Starting with the client’s idea, we pick up the process creating 3-D CAD designs that ensure the end product works as defined. You can view the 3-D drawings on your computers without the need for additional software. Our professional machinists and computerized machines take it from there developing detailed molds to match the design specs. Once complete, one of numerous production molding processes can be applied creating extremely small to reasonably large end products that are carefully inspected and shipped on schedule.
Our name and yours stand behind the end-result; what your customer experiences. Our company focuses on quality and performance.  We work hard to ensure we create a product in which you and your customer can be proud. Our cost is usually quite reasonable and can be lower than some high-end shops that list themselves as price competitive. As we accept business, we look at the impact; how we can pass on savings to the customer (you). We always place quality and performance first. Below is our Vision, Mission and Goal statements, they are what we live by, because it ensures the best in us as we support your needs and grow our business in a safe responsible manner.
To be the leading provider in custom plastics, molding design and production.
To attain market share through quality, performance and price using team innovation and problem solving as standards where appropriate market expansion offsets overhead and investments sustains flexibility and the ability to meet customer demand.
  • To increase market share through quality, performance and price
  • To use innovation and problem solving as a standard mode of operation
  • To ensure market expansion offsets overhead and capital investments
  • To invest in assets where flexibility supports customer demand
  • To work as a team with our valued employees and customers
Our objective every time is to create proactive solutions for our customers that exceed expectations in product quality, performance and timely delivery. We will continually strive for the most cost effective operation knowing quality, performance and delivery are first and foremost. 

 “A well run business cannot exist without a return on investment. It cannot attract customers unless it fulfills a need at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. Repeat business is founded in quality and performance. Our clients rely on us to produce what they want, when they need it, and in the quality they and their customers deserve.  If you are looking for plastics engineering and production we are your first and best source.  Ethics, integrity and quality are our only mode of operation.”


 Robert Walls

President/CEO, Precise Mold & Engineering Inc.