BSI Certification Mark-002Our company is proud to be ISO-9001 certified.  ISO-9001 a subset of ISO-9000 a set of International Standards of Operation that ensure consistent, reportable, quality standards. There are over 1,100 new standards published every year with 17,500 already published.  As a plastics manufacture we adhere to ICS 83, those standards that are specific to the plastics and rubber manufacturing industry. Being certified ISO-9001 means several important things happen in our operation.   In the most simple terms they are:

  • We adhere to a fixed set of processes that apply to all aspects of the business
  • We monitor on-going processes to ensure they are affective
  • We keep records of activities
  • We check output for quality with appropriate corrective action
  • We regularly review process and the quality processes themselves for improvement
  • We facilitate continual quality improvement

Certification is through an independent auditor that assures we are applying standards that are internationally agreed upon best practices, practices that create repeatable quality output.  This attention to detail means consistent repeatable quality performance and products customers can be proud to own and promote.  Knowing when you ask for a product that follows certain specifications and tolerance is what you will get; adds true confidence to a relationship and knowledge that the end product matches the desired requirements time after time. In the thermoplastics and thermoset plastics industry, time, pressure and temperature are just three variables beyond size thickness, color, durability or clarity. 

Attention to detail and continual monitoring with practices and standards make all the difference.  Anyone can tell you how good they are, but when you have the word of certified independent experts you know you have found real quality and people that care about your needs.  Whether you are looking for large plastic parts or plastic parts small enough to require magnification to see. successful results are in attention to detail. 

To learn more about ISO-9001 you can go to the International Organization For Standards WEB page