Over moldingOver molding is a technique that allows a single plastic product to incorporate more than one color or density of material.  Soft grips or pads can be added to a hard plastic or logos and graphic displays can be in different colors.  Over molding stretches the variety and complexity of the end product.

To create this type of product requires a thorough understanding of the various plastic resins, and temperature ranges along with a solid understanding of the fixtures performance and the press itself.  Over molding may require the plastic in the first stage be set at one temperature while the second stage plastic must be set at a temperature only 10 degrees lower than the first stage plastic.  To low a temperature and the second plastic resin will not set, too high a temperature and the initial part is distorted. 

Arriving at temperatures with such close tolerances really shows the skill of the company and the quality of the machines. The team has selected the appropriate resins to conform to the end products design while identifying temperatures, feed rates, time in the fixture and cooling needs.  The entire process has to work and work within close tolerances, but that is what we do.

Even if you are not looking at over molding, other products in plastics require similar attention.  Whether it is live hinges, bubble free clear plastics or polished surfaces free of defects attention to detail is critical.  We focus on the details.

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