Thermo PlasticThermo Plastic is the term for a large range of modern resins used in the plastics industry that cover broad ranges in color, clarity and resiliance allowing manufactures to develop a near infinite array of products. Live hinges, overmolding, smoked and glass clear products add to what is possible in plastic. With years of experience we know what it takes to work with thermo plastic. Thermo plastic resins have a wider range of temperatures allowing the initial product to be molded at a slightly higher temperture and the second run to add another resin at a lower melt temperture creating two textures or densities on a single product.

Knowing what to do and when to do it is critical to controlling waste and ensuring the lowest overall production cost for this any line of plastics. Looking for some old fashioned parts re-invented with the newer resins? We still have a few old presses in excellent condition, but prodominate work is in thermo plastics where the variety and flexbility in serviing our customers is greaters.

We are experts in a wide array of plastics and molding strategies.  Knowing the resin, the mold and machine’s performace allow us to create outstanding products every time. 

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