Inspector reviewing part 

People are the key ingredient to any company’s success.  Sure the executives get a lot of credit for the investments, expansion and market share.  People across the company are involved in a wide range of activities large and small that are critical to our success, and we gratefully acknowledge the vital attention to their role.

Our managers coordinate activities, our accounting department makes sure transactions are completed appropriately and on time, and our CAD specialists ensure molds are made to specifications.  The machinists turn drawings into reality and the maintenance team keeps equipment and molds functioning at optimal levels.  Warehouse personnel coordinate the movement of in-coming and out-going goods and ensure proper levels are maintained.

Those that monitor the performance of machines, perform quality audits or manually insert components into molds are all contributors that make our company what it is today.

We are proud of our team and gratefully recognize their talent and unswerving commitment to produce the very best products for our customers.  We know you will appreciate their dedication and talent, it shows in every product we create.  As a team, we are unbeatable.

For our customers, employees and the parts we make, we run a clean, smoke free environment.


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