Cleaning moldSome mold surfaces for resins are chrome plated and other metals polished to a mirror finish.  Minor imperfections, including small particles on a mold at press time, can flaw the finished product.  Some mold finishes are so delicate that the acid from a human finger could mar the surface.  Attention to the details, knowing the type of plastics, the required finish and the temperatures or pressure required along with the time before release to cool down are all important.  But so is the final and on-going inspections to ensure a good start to the run and on-going compliance.

Most problems are small enough, the average person would not notice them.  Particles that are too small for the human eye can leave a distracting mark on an otherwise perfect finish.  We are focused on providing high quality products that our customers can take pride in and have confidence their customers will enjoy as well.

Attention to detail up front and throughout the process not only ensure quality, such efforts minimize unnecessary waste reducing the total operational cost; resulting in a lower final price.  Rework is an expense no one can afford, we take every precaution to ensure it is done right the first time, every time.

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