Thermoset PlasticThermoset Plastic are still around and being used in a number of industries.  With years of experience we know what it takes to work with this unique product.  Thermoset resins are less tolerant to errors, once molded the material is set for life.  Knowing what to do and when to do it is critical to controlling waste and ensuring the lowest overall production cost for this line of plastics.  Looking for some old fashioned parts done as it use to be.  We still have a few old presses in excellent condition that will accept some of those older molds.  We also have the talent to make these machines perform with superior results.

Looking for replica rotors, distributors or other unique parts to fit those rare antiques.  We can work with you to bring that product back on line.  Nostalgia has never been stronger than in some of the better plastics.

Whether you are looking for a new product and prefer thermoset plastics or want to revive a long standing product we can make it happen. If you have the orignal mold, we may be able to bring it back to production levels.

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