Controlling costs How many times have you ridden in a taxi cab with less that one-hundred thousand miles on the odometer.  It may surprise you to know most cabs go to over three-hundred and fifty-thousand miles.  Well maintained and cared for these businesses know the value of their equipment and the enormous financial impact of new vehicles.  And all those fancy limos you see around town, if managed right, will see similar mileage.  After all profit is what is left over after all expenses including the price of new equipment and the interest on the debt incurred for the new equipment.  The greater the debt load of a company the higher the interest rate charged by banks.

Companies that play the game of keeping up with the Jones and insisting on the newest in equipment and the latest technology are on a financial death spiral.  Willie Nelson still beats out amazing country songs on an old and tattered guitar.  It looks a mess, but where it counts it has been well maintained.  It is his signature a calling card if you will.  Yet many a would be teenage rock star insists the most expensive guitar is necessary for them to play like the pros.  Often it is not the equipment but the skill of the person behind it.

We manage our assets and equipment like the investments they are and knowing you want to make the most of your investments in us.  Solid, well built equipment; products that are built to stand the test of time can last for years.  The machines developed for the plastics industry whether electric or hydraulic are just such machines.  They are built to run millions of cycles and still perform like new, if properly maintained and cared for by their owners.

Controlling costs is not magic and we are surprised so many companies have trouble maintaining their costs.  Any time you outsource to another company it is because they have an expertise your company has not invested in due to excessive cost in plant, equipment or expertise.  It is a wise choice, but outsourcing is a tool that must be used wisely.  Who you outsource with and how they invest their funds is a key indicator to the rates they will charge.  Those companies with higher overhead have to charge more.

Some companies continually buy new equipment, prematurely mechanize or expand their plant foot print.  They have the latest and greatest in technology not because they need it, but because it exists.  This may be an acceptable approach if you are NASA.  And even they are learning to reuse valuable equipment like space shuttles.  The cost of new equipment goes far beyond the equipments price if debt is required to secure the purchase.  As part of business, any business, a company has to write off the cost of the equipment and the expense of debts they service (interest).  And they have to pass those expenses right on to their customers.

We believe you want the very best products, but at a cost effective price.  For that reason we do not buy the latest in technology, just because it is out there, we do not expand our plant just because we can.  We buy high quality refurbished equipment whenever possible.  With solid well built machines it is the talent of our team that makes the difference.  The end product is superior in every way matching the performance of any equipment on the market and surpassing the output of many competitors.  Our debt to equity ratio is quite low, because of this strategy.  We also use the right press for the job reducing overhead and your cost even further.  Too large a press means wasted energy and excessive overhead.  What we pass on are high quality parts with the lowest possible cost.

Big plants, shinny new equipment and lots of amenities are just signs of a bigger price tag.  We think you are more interested in quality, price and performance of the end product.  In our business creativity goes beyond the plant floor.  We make wise choices in our business that help not just our bottom line but yours as well.

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