Our Privacy Policy is quite simple, we do not share your information with any third parties without your explicit approval. PME, Precise Mold & Engineering is often involved in projects where confidentiality agreements are an accepted practice. We understand the need to protect information whether it is a military project, an unpatented innovation, or a practice to protect information from competitors and assure a position in the market. For us, it is easier to treat all information with the utmost confidentiality. We do not share any information with a third party without your explicit permission. This includes information you share with us over the Internet.

We do not list on our WEB site or in our marketing brochures any companies that work with us; valuing their privacy over any value we could derive in marketing. IP addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, names and company names are held in the strictest confidence.  It is the same policy we apply to design ideas, drawings, prototypes and products or production information.  We respect your privacy and the need to protect you information.

While on our WEB site we do use information about you to authorize and provide you access to secured areas and in collecting or sharing your files, orders or reports on project progress with you. Data that is accessible over the Internet is password protected and is only shared with the owner of the data.

Our commitment is to provide a safe, secure environment where your information is treated with the professional respect you deserve. Relationships begin with trust, we are here for you.

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