Mold AnimationOur main focus is in the molding of parts.  Often our clients provide molds of their design which require special attention in manufacturing to ensure the life of the mold and quality of the thermoplastic and thermoset plastic parts.  Whether it is injection, insert, compression, transfer or over molding, our experts make the best of your mold in manufacturing parts to your specifications.  We have a team of professionals in our machine shop ready to make modifications and repairs, or as needed to create molds.  Our machinist focus on the unusual molds with live hinges, undercuts and multi-part molds.   They are more expensive to make, but with greater flexibility and extended application. 

Let’s face it; good molds done right are a little expensive, but done right they out-perform the cheaper versions bringing long term cost down.  One well built mold can outlast cheaper molds and at a lower overall cost.  Molds with greater flexibility in how they are used can replace several single molds built for only one application.  Our molds are durable, and are crafted by professionals that know the difference between cheap and quality.  We just don’t do cheap.  It is not good for your customer, your company or us.  We build cost effective quality products.

Undercuts in molds make the release during production much more complex, but we have the production team and equipment to adapt to the unusual processes. Multi-part molds allow a company to develop several similar products with subtle differences at minimal cost by using the same base mold with adaptive add-ons. Sure we can make the standard, plain old ordinary mold, but we are most often busy dealing with unique challenges our clientele face.  Through word of mouth we have gained a reputation for dealing with issues in plastic molding where solutions could not be found elsewhere. 

No we are not looking for trouble, but, if you are having trouble manufacturing plastic parts, we just may be the answer. Working closely with our source plastic engineers ensures we know the specifics on just how far a plastic can be pushed and where it functionally may start to breakdown.  After all, molding the part is just the beginning, making sure it performs as envisioned is critical to customer satisfaction.  Resilience, pliability, durability, clarity of colors, transparency and crisp edges along with strict conformance to design tolerances are on the mark every time and are what you should expect. We may not make the smallest plastic parts in the business or the largest, but without question we make the best.  With our team on board you are free to focus on other aspects of your business knowing we are helping mold your companies future.

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