Injection mold partsThermoplastic (thermo plastic) injection molding is one of our specialties.  We have presses ranging from 25 ton electric to 400 ton hydraulic; allowing us to specialize in smaller molds and larger pieces or multi-part molds.  Focusing on presses within a specified tonnage ensure our expertise is deeply entrenched in the services we offer.

Our thermoplastic engineers and floor personnel have years of experience working with engineered resins over a variety of temperature ranges.  Here are some of the things you may want to ask for:

  • Hot Runner Injection Molds – Interested in reduced material, eliminate the runner.  The process shoots material into the part cavities directly.
  • Cold Runner Injection Molds – Looking for a lower start up cost, this process injects material into runners that feed the part cavities. 
  • Insert Mold – Want parts built into your plastic component.  Over-molding is the way to go.  Mold plastic around materials, such as brass, steel, aluminum, or other plastics.  Consider sleeves for drill housings, latches or screens.
  • Two-Shot Injection Molds  Maybe you have more complicated parts, consider 1-Shot, 3-Shot and 4-Shot Molds).  Produce parts with more than one color, a way to add logos and graphics in one process.
  • Stack Molds – Want to create a more economical production run and distribute your cost for a mold across multiple parts, here is the process for you.  With large production runs comprised of parts made of the same material and within reasonable tolerances, they can be built into the same mold.
  • Unscrewing Molds – Looking for a threaded plastic part, here is the process for you.  This process allows us to add the threading to your mold.

Our engineers will help you utilize your existing molds, modify molds, repair molds or build molds.  Our production team will ensure each part meets stringent specifications.  Together. our team will help you determine the right process for the job considering production time, operational features, quality and cost advantages.  New to the plastic molding process, we will help you navigate the terminology and ensure your product is designed and produced to specifications with on-time deliveries.  We take the worry out of the process.

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