SPEPrecise Mold and Engineering a quality plastic engineering and molding (moulding) company specializing in: thermo plastics and thermo set (thermoset) plastics.  Whether performing compression, injection or extrusion molding the process requires a great deal of knowledge and experience in the plastics industry.  Thermo plastics can be re-melted and reused minimizing waste to systems start up where only the initial slug in some cases may not be reused.  Thermoset plastics once processed cannot be reused.  Precise mold design and attention to the engineering of release points and structural integrity ensure the resilience of the finished product meets application standards.   We specialize in Custom Plastic Engineering and production.

More critical are the finished product’s dimensions.  Most plastics shrink slightly while cooling, after being molded.  Mold sizes must compensate to ensure the cooled plastic fits design specifications.  Colors also play a role in the finished plastic, especially if the product is supposed to be clear (free of specs).  Whether Red, White, Blue, clear or smoked good source materials, attention to the engineering, production and even the environment play a critical role in the successful final product.  Plastic manufactures in the know, understand humidity is a critical environmental factor in quality production and invest in equipment to condition the production environment.

Volume production exacerbates problems in molds used to produce plastic components. Friction, especially in softer molds, tends to wear the mold materials quickly.  The balance between high cost materials and reworking worn molds play a key role in the cost of production and potential reject levels.  Some molds due to the composite materials last a long time, but require expensive bits to cut and longer times to create as cutting tools shave away microscopic layers.  Knowing the potential life of a mold material is part of the engineering process.  Short runs can survive less costly materials, reducing the total cost while maintaining product integrity and quality.  Knowing when to use harder materials avoids rework, down time and wasted materials as parts fall out of tolerance. It all starts with good parts and mold designs.

We offer design assistance:

  • Electronic modeling – we email you 3D models of molds to view on your office PC.  No expensive software needed.
  • Assistance for product design/modifications:  new products, existing products modifications / reverse engineering, prints or electronic files

Those unfamiliar with plastic molding, whether it is thermo plastic or thermoset do not understand the limits in design.  Good plastic design avoids true square corners with crisp sharp edges.  Whether performing injection molding, compression molding or extrusion molding plastic is plastic and the properties of the material require rounded corners limits on maximum and minimum thickness and subtle bracing to ensure its integrity. Larger plastic pieces require larger presses, presses that can run into the hundreds and even thousands of tons in pressure to hold the mold shut while forming materials.  Relief and release points or undercutting a mold can add additional complexity to the design.  Being able to reuse a mold with subtle modifications like a stamped name or optional feature create great cost savings and flexibility in options offered to customers. It all starts with the design of the mold.

Prototyping modeling services Precise Mold and Engineering offers:

  • Prototype molding – for rapid turnaround (sample or large run)
  • Prototype tool building
  • Prototype machining – plastic or metal

As an example, a simple plastic front for a product cabinet may support two or more product levels.   An embossed name change and an added opening or two for the extra features allow expanded use of the initial mold.  A change in color and the addition of mold sub components and a whole new product is created. Precise Mold and Engineering provides a full range of tooling services for the plastics industry

  • Tools – Low to high volume, designed in-house
  • Cost effective – Tools built in-house or sourced domestically or internationally
  • Secondary gages and equipment – fixtures, automated equipment and gages, designed and manufactured in-house for machining & inspection.

Precise Mold and Engineering manufactures plastics and have a complete machine shop and design team to ensure the manufacturing process has what it needs.  Our team of plastics experts  take the process to the next level watching critical machine levels and performance.  Quality inspection goes hand-in-hand with a successful product.  From the initial conversation and our free consulting service to the packaged and shipped goods we ensure every step of the process.

Typical processes in which we excel: 

  • Injection– engineered and commodity thermoplastics and elastomers
  • Compression– thermoset melamines and phenolics
  • Transfer– thermoset melamines and phenolics
  • Additional professional services hot stamping, milling, drilling, assembly, packaging, tapping

We do not advertise being the cheapest.  Cheap products impact our reputation and yours.  We are the very best value for your investment, great products and very competitive pricing.  Where we respond with optimal performance levels and ensure minimal delays we are not the fastest producers.  Excessive speed leads to errors and mistakes.  Quality comes from verifying calculations, considering design options and production advantages; they take just a little extra time.  Quality inspections, care in packing and the time to incorporate parts within products correctly do slow us down a little, but you and your customer deserve quality cost effective parts.  You want parts to specific dimensions, color, function and durability.  You need a product you can stand behind, a product your customers will be proud to own and use.  When quality is part of the equation there is no one that can deliver faster.

We are Precise Mold and Engineering, the name says it all.  If you want precision, expect quality and performance at a fair and competitive price we are your first and best choice.  Looking for a partner and team player to solve professional issues in plastic mold making and production where quality, performance and price follow that order?  You will not find a better partner for your team efforts.  Making you look good is part of what we do.

Sincerely, Robert Walls President, Precise Mold & Engineering Inc.  

When considering the complexity in producing quality plastics up front engineering by qualified experts ensure long lasting results.

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